I was just watching the news and I am fucking amazed at the stupidity of the cops and DA’s office in Texas. A child went missing in 2004 and they never found him, yet closed the case and removed his name from the Missing Children’s List. WTF is that shit? If I was the mother of that child I would be suing the fuck out of that state. They could have found that child a long time ago had they not fucked up. As it is the only reason they found him, was that the woman who stole him had children’s protective services called on her over the two kids she had. Him and her young baby.

Through a series coincidences they managed to figure out that she should have had a warrant for her arrest over the kidnapping and  brought her in. It still took them a couple of weeks to find the boy as she had stashed him somewhere. The mother of the child is ecstatic to be getting her child back, but worried as well because he has never gone to school. I feel so badly for the child. He is going to need lots of counseling over the years to get over this trauma. Poor kid.

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