Facebook phenomenon

I remember when Facebook was nothing more than a Jr. high and high school net work for kids. Not any fucking more. Everyone on the planet has a Facebook profile it seems. From ages 13 and up you can make a Facebook page and socialize with people form all around the world. I can understand why some adults do it, it is a great way to connect with family that you rarely see. You know, those family members who moved far away. My grandmother even has a Facebook page. I made one for the family who kept bugging me to join, but I still prefer my Blog.

This is my little corner of the net, where I can vent frustrations or call bullshit whenever I want without offending anyone or even caring if I do. On Facebook I have to kind of watch what I say and that is annoying to me. On the other hand, I am able to see all of the recent photo’s of my various family members from events that I miss out on. I have a busy life and even those family members who live nearby, I rarely see unless it is a holiday. I guess Facebook isn’t so bad.

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